Mini Review – Morphe Soul of Summer Palette


Morphe Brushes is an American cosmetics company that has been on the rise in the beauty community for a while now.

I love the brand because they make really high quality make-up but are very affordable due to their no fuss packaging. After seeing rave reviews about their products I opted for an eye shadow palette – Morphe do a range of palettes and every different shade you can think of so rest assured they is something for everyone!

I bought this little guy from Cult Beauty  for £11.95  – which I thought was a very reasonable price. At the time of my order they had free shipping on all Morphe products so I took advantage of that, although I think they’ve ended that deal now. However at the time I write this post, they are giving free shipping on your next order when you sign up to their newsletter – which is worth it in my opinion as I begrudge paying for shipping!

Moving on to the palette review, it was smaller than expected, but I like that as it will be great for travelling. I usually prefer warm tones on my lids as I feel they compliment my brown eyes more – so this palette definitely ticks that box as most of the shades are warm. There is a mixture of beautiful colous – golds, warm browns, a burgundy shade and some rose gold shades. There’s a light champagne colour as well which I think is comparable to MAC’s “Naked Lunch” which is one of my faves. There’s a random cool tones grey/silver thrown in there which I didn’t think I’d use but actually comes in quite handy for doing a darker, smokier look. All the colours are shimmery so bare that in mind, I don’t find it to be much of a problem though.

The pigmentation is fantastic, there are no complaints from me about that. I didn’t need to use an eye shadow primer with the shadows but if I did I know they’d be even brighter. They wear really nicely and stay put throughout the day.

Overall I love this palette, I think it’s beautiful – as you can see from the photo it really stands out and I’m glad it caught my eye on the website.

I hope you enjoyed this mini review – it was fun for me to do & I look forward to doing some more in the future.

~ Lucy

2 thoughts on “Mini Review – Morphe Soul of Summer Palette

    1. Thanks for your comment, the colours are stunning. I wasn’t planning to but if you’re interested in seeing one I can post one soon 🙂 thanks for following. Glad you like the blog xxx

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