What kind of lashes do you use?

I use high quality synthetic lashes

How long does it take to apply a full set?

It takes between 2-3 hours for a full set depending on how many natural lashes you have. Standard appointment time is 2 hours, however some people have very thick, dense lashes and these do take slightly longer to complete.

How long will my eyelashes last?

With correct aftercare lashes can last anywhere between 2-6 weeks. Each individual is different. Infills are required to fill in the shedding gaps and keep the lashes looking full.

Do I need to have infills?

Yes, infills are required every 2 – 3 weeks in order to keep your lashes looking full. If you fail to book your appointment before 3 weeks has passed, unfortunately you will be charged for a full set as too many lashes will need to be applied. So make sure you schedule your infill before you leave your appointment! 🙂

I’ve had my lashes done and some are falling out, is this normal?

Yes, it is normal to lose up to 10% of the lashes within the first week. This is due to your natural shedding cycle, and will appear more noticeable as the lashes are longer and thicker than what you are used to. If you feel that you have lost more than 10% of the lashes, please contact me to rectify this.

Will lash extensions ruin my natural eyelashes?

No, if applied correctly and taken care of (no rubbing or pulling of the lashes) the extensions will not ruin your natural lashes. Care is taken to make sure the lashes are not too long and heavy to support your natural lashes, as this is when they can become damaging. It is extremely important to us that are customers expectations are managed. We will never apply lashes in a way that will intentionally damage your own lashes.

Can I still wear mascara?

This is my most commonly asked question. Mascara can be worn, but you must be made aware that this can seriously compromise the retention of your extensions (meaning that might not last as long) as the mascara will cause the bond of the glue to break down. It can also compromise the health of your natural lashes, as it will add more weight to them that they may not be able to support. If lashes are something you want to continue with long term, wearing mascara will mean that you will be charged extra at your infill appointment to account for the time taken to thoroughly cleanse your lashes. Water based mascara is recommended if you really MUST wear it, but it is not recommended.




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