Pre & Post Treatment advice for Waxing

Before you book your wax appointment, please read through this post carefully as it will aid you in achieving the best result possible from your wax – and we all want the most for our money, right?!

Things to know before your wax appointment

Hair needs to be at least 1/4 inch long and ideally be at the “fluffy” stage

Do not sunbathe or use a sunbed

Do not go swimming or soak in the bath

Please do not use oils or moisturisers on that area that is going to be treated.

Please make sure the majority of make up is removed if coming for a facial wax

Do not take part in any vigorous exercise

Please note clean, disposable underwear will be worn for bikini treatments

Hair that has been previously bleach, when waxed, tends to break off at skin level – for best results please do not bleach hair.


Aftercare advice

Wear loose clothing to avoid ingrown hairs

Make sure showers and bath are at a lukewarm temperature

It is advised to wait at least 8 hours after treatment before having a bath or shower

Avoid highly fragranced products as this may irritate the area

Try to refrain from using deodorant or perfumed products to the area

Avoid applying make up over the area

Please avoid using saunas, spa pools and swimming pools

Avoid sunbathing or having sunbed treatments

Avoid applying fake tanning products to the area

Avoid sports activities


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