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Pre & Post Treatment advice for Waxing

Before you book your wax appointment, please read through this post carefully as it will aid you in achieving the best result possible from your wax – and we all want the most for our money, right?!

Things to know before your wax appointment

Hair needs to be at least 1/4 inch long and ideally be at the “fluffy” stage

Do not sunbathe or use a sunbed

Do not go swimming or soak in the bath

Please do not use oils or moisturisers on that area that is going to be treated.

Please make sure the majority of make up is removed if coming for a facial wax

Do not take part in any vigorous exercise

Please note clean, disposable underwear will be worn for bikini treatments

Hair that has been previously bleach, when waxed, tends to break off at skin level – for best results please do not bleach hair.


Aftercare advice

Wear loose clothing to avoid ingrown hairs

Make sure showers and bath are at a lukewarm temperature

It is advised to wait at least 8 hours after treatment before having a bath or shower

Avoid highly fragranced products as this may irritate the area

Try to refrain from using deodorant or perfumed products to the area

Avoid applying make up over the area

Please avoid using saunas, spa pools and swimming pools

Avoid sunbathing or having sunbed treatments

Avoid applying fake tanning products to the area

Avoid sports activities



What kind of lashes do you use?

I use high quality synthetic lashes

How long does it take to apply a full set?

It takes between 2-3 hours for a full set depending on how many natural lashes you have. Standard appointment time is 2 hours, however some people have very thick, dense lashes and these do take slightly longer to complete.

How long will my eyelashes last?

With correct aftercare lashes can last anywhere between 2-6 weeks. Each individual is different. Infills are required to fill in the shedding gaps and keep the lashes looking full.

Do I need to have infills?

Yes, infills are required every 2 – 3 weeks in order to keep your lashes looking full. If you fail to book your appointment before 3 weeks has passed, unfortunately you will be charged for a full set as too many lashes will need to be applied. So make sure you schedule your infill before you leave your appointment! 🙂

I’ve had my lashes done and some are falling out, is this normal?

Yes, it is normal to lose up to 10% of the lashes within the first week. This is due to your natural shedding cycle, and will appear more noticeable as the lashes are longer and thicker than what you are used to. If you feel that you have lost more than 10% of the lashes, please contact me to rectify this.

Will lash extensions ruin my natural eyelashes?

No, if applied correctly and taken care of (no rubbing or pulling of the lashes) the extensions will not ruin your natural lashes. Care is taken to make sure the lashes are not too long and heavy to support your natural lashes, as this is when they can become damaging. It is extremely important to us that are customers expectations are managed. We will never apply lashes in a way that will intentionally damage your own lashes.

Can I still wear mascara?

This is my most commonly asked question. Mascara can be worn, but you must be made aware that this can seriously compromise the retention of your extensions (meaning that might not last as long) as the mascara will cause the bond of the glue to break down. It can also compromise the health of your natural lashes, as it will add more weight to them that they may not be able to support. If lashes are something you want to continue with long term, wearing mascara will mean that you will be charged extra at your infill appointment to account for the time taken to thoroughly cleanse your lashes. Water based mascara is recommended if you really MUST wear it, but it is not recommended.




Boots Botanics Micellar Solution 

I’ve always been a fan of the “All Bright” range from Boots Botanics (do we all remember the eye make up remover and the rose water toner?) that takes me back a while now! 

This was actually quite an impulse purchase for me, as I went into town specifically to go to Superdrug to buy my bits and pieces, which included a repurchase of one of my favourite micellar solutions from Garnier. However I ended up passing by Boots as a girl just can’t help herself, and this was on display on the shelves near the door and once I noticed the insanely low price tag – I thought it was worth picking up even just to try – and I’m so glad I did! 

This product is extremely low-fuss, which is what I love so much about micellar solutions. They contain believe it or not – micelles – which are kind of spherical molecules. The molecules sort of sit in the water and once applied to the face they split and open up, then close again, capturing inside the micelles everythjng we don’t want on our face like dirt and excess sebum. That’s the best way I can describe it. How sciency! I love it! 

I’ve tried three micellar solutions so far, four including this one. My first ever one was the cult favourite “Bioderma sensibio H2O”  which back in the day was extremely hard to get hold of as it is a French product – so a visit to eBay on a monthly basis was a must for me to get my hands on it. I think it’s now available in the UK, however with the release of about a hundred different types of solutions from UK brands I thought I’d try some different ones. I’ve tried the original L’Oréal one and also the Garnier one – both are extremely similar. 

I feel like most standard micellar solutions are all pretty much the same. I haven’t seen much of a difference, however I always felt like the Bioderma cleaned my skin better and left less of a residue compared to the other two. This Boots Botanics one is very similar to the Bioderma. I absolutely love it – it was on offer when I bought it for little more than £2 which is amazing when you consider the price of Bioderma. 

The solution contains hibiscus which has natural AHA’s which naturally exfoliate the skin – making it appear brighter. Hence it being part of the All Bright range. It also contains benzoic acid so I believe it would be good for acne prone skin as this type of acid is good as an anti-inflammatory and also helps to kill bacteria. 

As far as the formula goes, most micellar solutions just feel like your applying water to your face on a cotton pad but the results are anazing. There’s no need to rinse after use but I sometimes do if I’ve had a lot of make up on. Normally I use this as my first step in my two step cleansing routine. (I have been requested to do a skincare routine, so watch out for that video coming soon!) it’s also worth mentioning that this micellar solution like many others can be used on the eyes and lips and will remove even waterproof mascara. It has a very VERY light scent, it smells clean, quite medical-like but nothing overpowering that might irritate the skin. 
Hope you enjoyed this post – let me know if you pick this up. I’d love to hear your thoughts, I’m always looking for a mega-bargain and this product really delivers the results of products much more expensive! 

Until next time ~ 


NEW: Superfood Face Masks from The Body Shop

So, to break my blog post rut that I’ve been in over the last few weeks, I thought I’d talk you through and review one of the new exciting releases from The Body Shop which is their new “superfood” face masks range. I plan to make this blog post as informative as I possibly can (so please bare with me as we have a lot to get through!)IMG_20160803_220133

It is known that women all over the world have been making their own face masks for hundreds of years using natural ingredients and there has definitely been a rise of this in the modern world recently with the help of YouTube tutorials and the introduction of Pinterest – which allows women (and men, of course) to research different recipes to apply to their face.

With these masks The Body Shop have taken five recipes from around the world and have made them into five super food masks to be readily available to address different skin concerns. Three of the range I have are pictured above, and the other two are “Chinese Ginseng” and “Ethiopian Honey”. I will briefly explain the purpose of these two masks and then I will head onto a more in-depth review of the ones I have tried and tested.

The Ethiopian Honey mask is to deeply nourish the skin, it contains Murula oil from Namibia and olive oil from italy, along with of course community trade honey from – you guessed it – Ethiopia. Honey helps to nourish the skin whilst the lightweight Murula oil helps to improve the skin’s elasticity – these two alongside the omega-9 enriched olive oil helps to combat dryness and revive your skin. This particular mask is 100% vegetarian and contains natural Community Trade ingredients – woohoo!

The Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing mask is quite creamy in texture and can be used to brighten a dull complexion as the ginseng helps revitalise the skin whilst the rice extract naturally brightens and moisturises. This mask also contains Community Trade sesame seed oil from Nicaragua which is rich in oleic and linoleic acid, helping to soften the skin. This mask is also 100% vegetarian.


Ok, so now I’m going to move onto talking about the masks that I own and have tried – with these three I can also give an in-depth explanation on the feel of them on the skin and also the results after application. So without further a-do lets begin with…

Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow MaskIMG_20160803_220236

The only way I can truly describe this masks is to say that if a clay mask and a mud mask had a baby and threw in a whole bunch of amazing ingredients – this mask would be the outcome! It contains bamboo charcoal from the Himalayan foothills which is known to draw out excess oils and impurities. It also contains organic tea tree oil sourced in Kenya which is well known across the skin care world for purifying the skin and improving oily, acne-prone skin. This is what gives the mask a very strong scent which personally I like, as it smells very natural & herbal. Inside the mask there are visible green tea leaves which spread across your skin, these are sourced in Japan and are rich in anti-oxidants which help nourish the skin as well aid exfoliation.

This mask is definitely not suitable for people who have extremely sensitive skin. The tea tree oil is very strong and even on my normal-ish skin it definitely has a strong tingly feeling. When it comes to skincare products I always go by the motto that tingling is good, burning is bad! So if you try this mask I would encourage you to bare that in mind! However if you love a good clay mask I would 100% say give this one a go! If you’re not local to me, find a consultant and ask for a sample. Guys and gals near to me, hit me up and I’ll sort you out with a little pot!

This mask dries hard on application and I normally leave it on for about 15 mins and steam my face to help remove it as it can be quite difficult to get off if I’m honest. However afterwards, hand on heart, my skin looks and feels amazing. It feels so soft and my pores and blackheads are nowhere to be seen. I use this once or twice a week – I wouldn’t recommend using it any more than that as I feel unless you are extremely oily that this could dry your skin out if overused.

Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance maskIMG_20160803_220325

I feel like to start with I must forewarn you that using this mask is quite frankly like applying raspberry jam to your face. In a good way, of course. This mask is right up my street as I’m all about using fruit acids to naturally exfoliate my skin, making it appear brighter and smoother and this mask ticks all those boxes for me. The masks contains Brazilian acai berries which are EXTREMELY rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins which naturally help fight the signs of skin fatigue. it also contains guarana seed extract which is also sourced in Brazil which is known for having a high caffeine content and energy boosting properties. Also helping to soften and sooth the skin is the Brazilian organic babussu oil. This mask is also 100% VEGAN (yippeeeeee).

I don’t tend to use this mask all over my face – since getting these masks I have got into the habit of “multimasking” (like what I did there?) where you apply different masks to different areas of your face depending on your skin concerns. I tend to apply this one in particular around my cheek areas as that is the area of my skin that tends to feel a little dull at times! I am always happy with the results and when paired with the Himalayan Charcoal mask around my T-Zone by the time I’m finished my skin is having it’s own little party.


British Rose Fresh Plumping maskIMG_20160803_220259

Out of the three masks I’ve tried I’d probably say that this one is the most disappointing. Perhaps disappointing is the wrong word – so you should read on – but I feel like this mask will be the most over-looked out of the five, but in all honesty this little guy is really lovely for just a quick perky pick-me-up. I don’t find I have to leave this one for as long as the others and it just feels very light and refreshing. The smells is also lovely and it just feels soft to touch, to apply and it leaves my skin feeling in the same way. This one doesn’t wow me. But nevertheless that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. This is why obtaining samples is so important!

The roses used in this mask are hand-picked here in Britain and help replenish the skin’s water reserves whilst gently exfoliating, which is how it helps to plump the skin. It also contains rosehip oil sourced in Chile, need I say more really? I could rave about rosehip until the cows come home because that stuff is simply amazeballs if I do say so. It helps with everything but in particular I find it useful to fade scaring, repair and give my skin an all over even texture. Also in this mask is aloe vera all the way from Mexico which is very well known for it’s calming and soothing properties. I’d say this mask would be a winner for dry, sensitive skin. This too is 100% vegan and again I’d recommend getting a sample.

So that concludes my review. I really enjoyed doing this one as skincare is right up my alley. One of my favourite things about The Body Shop is that by using their products I know what ingredients I’m putting on my face and where the ingredients are sourced from. I also love that the ingredients are mostly Community Trade which means it helps the local people in that area to be more sustainable. What could be better than that?


Hope you enjoy reading this post. Again let me know if you’d like a sample. I don’t believe these masks are available in stores until late August but you can buy them from your local consultant (wink wink, me) now. 🙂

Until next time


~ Lucy

What’s in my June Birchbox?

Can you believe we’re already in June?! I swear this year is going by so quickly! Ever since we got married in February the days are just flying by. So I’m now 3 months into my Birchbox subscription and I loved doing my last blog post on what was inside May’s box (you can read that post here) so I thought I’d share what products I received this month….

Jelly Pong Pong Paradise Pigments shade “Fig Jam”DSC_0040

This is such a cute product! I absolutely adore cream products as I think they look a lot more fresh and natural looking on the skin. I remember years ago when I first started out with make-up I was always told to stay away from bright shades like this and I remember there being a photo of me in the school play looking like a clown with bright pink cheeks! But as I’ve grown up and learnt to apply make-up properly (if you like) I do love a flush of colour!

The colour is definitely intense and the product is very pigmented but you can sheer this out by using the SMALLEST amount on your cheeks to give a natural looking healthy glow to the skin. This product can also be used on the lips – and we all know how much I love a multi-purpose product so this is a winner for me!


I particularly like the formula of this product as it’s very hydrating which means it’s not going to make your cheeks or lips look wrinkly and dry. The instructions for use say to blend onto the lips then use the excess products across the apples of the cheeks and to be honest that would be exactly what I would do.


You can buy the product here for £17.95 with free shipping 🙂


Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray

I’m so pleased that I’ve received another hair care product this month as I’ve not been disappointed by any that I’ve tried so far. Plus I love getting mini samples as they are great for travelling and throwing in my bag. To be honest I don’t really stray too far away from my Ellnet Precious Oil Hairspray as I find that it does a good enough job for what I need it for, however this hairspray is really nice.


The description claims an “ultra-fine, humidity resistant, crunch free” spray which is going to allow you to brush out and restyle your hair should you wish which I always find handy especially when I’m playing with different hairstyles which I quite frequently do when I’m bored! DSC_0050

The packaging is nice and so is the nozzle, it feels quite “high-end” for a mid-range product and I would definitely consider buying a full size. If you’re interested you can purchase the full size (250ml) here for £12.


Huygens Le Gommage Visage Face Scrub

Before I go any further in talking about this product I’d just like to clarify that this is a face scrub! My husband always tells me I need to be more specific in blog posts (even though it says it on the photo?!) as I tend to ramble on about products – automatically presuming people know what I’m talking about but apparently not everyone “knows as much about beauty as you do!” Oh shucks, Stu. Thanks. Moving on…


Even though my preferred method of facial exfoliation is to use a chemical exfoliate, sometimes it is nice to get into those nooks & crannies with something gritty! Exfoliating your skin is very important if you want you make-up to sit nicely on your face and it also helps to reveal the new skin cells that make you look more glowy and alive. This scrub is suitable to use on a daily basis as it is quite gentle. If you do suffer with sensitive skin, maybe only use this two or three times a week. It is quite creamy in texture and the “beads” are made out of rice powder particles (no microbeads, yay!) and really helps to purify the skin, giving you a deep cleanse.


It does have quite a strong scent, I think possibly a mixture of citrus & lavender? I’m usually rubbish at trying to describe smells so if you do know what it is please let me know! You can purchase it here for £17.90


Whish Coconut Milk CC Body Cream

I wasn’t expecting to like this product much, but it has surprised me a lot.


When I first got it out of the box I looked at it thinking “what on earth?!” but surprisingly it’s actually a very nice product. It’s a body cream with shimmer running through it. It makes me think of those shimmer sticks you used to have as kids where you’d just roll the glitter all over your entire body (lol). Isn’t it amazing how your childhood can even put you off beauty products?!


You can sort of see the subtle shimmer in the picture above. It is becoming more popular at the moment, particularly now its summer, to use shimmer on the chest, shoulders and legs to give a healthy glow whilst you’re out in the sun. It can also be used to highlight the areas of the chest to give you more prominent collar bones and an enhanced cleavage.


When you first rub the product into the skin it’s very creamy and has the slightest tint to it. It smells heavenly (so heavenly) like coconuts and holidays. But it blends out to give a really subtle glow to the skin – as seen below.


I can’t tell you how good it smells. It’s worth a look at simply for the smell alone! You can purchase it here for £24.70 – however I do think it’s quite a steep price for only 142ml of product.


Absolution Le Nettoyant Purete Cleanser


Last but not least, let’s talk about this cleanser. From the packaging I was expecting it to be more of a cream cleanser but once I opened it I realised it was a gel. It does foam ever so sightly but it claims to not leave the skin feeling dry after you wash it off. I haven’t used it yet to test this theory but if you would like a more in-depth review just let me know. It contains natural ingredients such as chamomile and oats which are naturally softening. It does have quite a strong herbal scent – definitely not my favourite but I’d be willing to see past the smell if the cleansing properties deliver.


Probably the product I’m least excited about this month. But if you are interested in reading more about it you can purchase it here for £26.



So that concludes the blog post! I’d say my favourite products are definitely the Fig Jam pigment, the Whish CC body cream and the Percy & Reed hairspray.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, if you subscribe to Birchbox let me know what you got in your box. If you do try out any of these products let me know what you think!

Until next time…

~ Lucy

May Favourites

Hello lovelies!

As the month of May ends and we’re already two days into June (how did that happen?!) I thought I’d do a round-up of my monthly favourites – products I loved and used a lot during May including make-up, skincare & body care.

Without further ado lets begin…

Make up

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation, £9.99 from Superdrug


I’ve gone back to this foundation over May after not using it for a few months, I love the Bourjois Healthy Mix serum but I like that this foundation has a bit more coverage. It has a great fruity smell as it is infused with fruit extracts to give skincare benefits. I find on my skin it has a medium coverage that’s definitely buildable. I have dry skin and I don’t find this settles into my lines or clings to dry patches – even if I set it with a powder which I normally do if I’m going to work. This is a great every day foundation and is fantastic quality for the affordable price.


BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette, $14.50 (approx. £10)


I’m still loving this palette you guys, it’s just so perfect! The palette comes with 10 eye shadows and 4 highlight colours – the quality is stunning, the packaging is lightweight yet very pretty. The eye shadows are perfect to create every day looks and there are a few smokey shades which you can use to vamp up your make-up during the evening. The highlight colours are especially beautiful. The first two colours are great for paler skin tones and the last two perfect for darker skins – although I do like to mix the last two with my bronzer for a sun-kissed glow being the pale skinned girl I am.


Stila eye-shadow in the shade “kitten” £12.00,


I discovered this beauty in my make-up collection right at the tail end of May but I just HAD to include it in this blog post because it’s such a stunning product – I can’t believe I forgot about it. What I love about it most is that it’s so universal – it makes a GORGEOUS cheek highlight colour, very intense…so if you like to look very glowy then I really think you should give this a try. I also use it in the inner corner of my eye, the bridge of my nose and on my cupid’s bow for the same purpose. It’s also great just as a wash of colour all over the eyelid if you’re in a rush. It’s a beautiful champagne colour and I just think it’s perfect.

That concludes the make-up faves…onto round two…


Body Shop Oils of Life range, purchase products here or send me a message for discounts and deals. 


This range continues to amaze me, since becoming a Body Shop at Home Independent Consultant a couple of months ago I’ve enjoyed testing and trying out their products – and for me this is the range that stands out. I’ve always been a fan of using oils on my skin (blog post coming soon!) and the Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil is stunning. What’s even better is that 99% of the oils in the product are from natural origin. It hydrates my skin very well but does not feel greasy at all – and you only have to use around three drops for your whole face so the bottle will last you for ages.

The cream is another favourite – it’s quite thick in consistency but feels lightweight and moisturising on the skin. I use it as a night cream and sometimes in the morning as well if my skin is extra dry.

The essence lotion has surprised me a lot – I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I do. It’s a mixture of oil and water so you have to shake it before use. You use it like you would a toner – to remove final traces of make up after cleansing and to prep the skin for products. I find that it makes my skin so soft and hydrated and that it would be really nice for people with slightly combination skin.

All the products in the range smell very good and are a mid-range product. Definitely a luxury treat but one you will not regret buying!

Moving on to round three…

Body Care

Body Shop Pinita Colada Body Butter £14.00, purchase here

IMG_20160510_200855 (1)

This was released mid-may and it was highly anticipated but us consultants. Set to be the Body Shop’s best selling summer product – this Pinita Colada body butter does not disappoint. The scent is a mixture of pineapple and coconut and is very much a summer/holiday fragrance. Of course the formulation is divine as are the other butters by the Body Shop. The texture is so light and whipped and feels incredible on the skin. I love slathering it over my whole body. I tend to get dry skin on my body in the summer and my skin hasn’t been the same since we got back from our honeymoon in March and this product has been my savior, will definitely be using this going into June as well!


Imperial Leather Foamburst body wash gel RRP £3.09 (currently on sale for £2.00) from Superdrug


This product was given to me by my Grandma (thanks grandma, I know you’re reading this) and I just think it’s lovely. I have two of these both with different scents. I’ve not used anything like this before, it’s kind of like a mixture between a shower gel and a shaving cream/mousse texture. Weird right? When you squirt some out the bottle the gel foams up – so you only need to use a very small amount so I’m hoping the bottle with last me a long time. It’s very soft feeling and hydrates my skin as I use it. I find it good as a multi-purpose product as I do shave my legs with it as well. I’m extremely lazy when it comes to that stuff and I rarely buy products specifically for shaving so it’s great that this covers all bases. The smell is divine too. All round great affordable product that I’m glad I’ve come across.

I hope you’ve enjoyed having a nosey into what I’ve been loving and using throughout May, let me know what you think of the post, if you have any of these products or if you think you’d like to try them.

Until next time…

~ Lucy

Mini Review – Morphe Soul of Summer Palette


Morphe Brushes is an American cosmetics company that has been on the rise in the beauty community for a while now.

I love the brand because they make really high quality make-up but are very affordable due to their no fuss packaging. After seeing rave reviews about their products I opted for an eye shadow palette – Morphe do a range of palettes and every different shade you can think of so rest assured they is something for everyone!

I bought this little guy from Cult Beauty  for £11.95  – which I thought was a very reasonable price. At the time of my order they had free shipping on all Morphe products so I took advantage of that, although I think they’ve ended that deal now. However at the time I write this post, they are giving free shipping on your next order when you sign up to their newsletter – which is worth it in my opinion as I begrudge paying for shipping!

Moving on to the palette review, it was smaller than expected, but I like that as it will be great for travelling. I usually prefer warm tones on my lids as I feel they compliment my brown eyes more – so this palette definitely ticks that box as most of the shades are warm. There is a mixture of beautiful colous – golds, warm browns, a burgundy shade and some rose gold shades. There’s a light champagne colour as well which I think is comparable to MAC’s “Naked Lunch” which is one of my faves. There’s a random cool tones grey/silver thrown in there which I didn’t think I’d use but actually comes in quite handy for doing a darker, smokier look. All the colours are shimmery so bare that in mind, I don’t find it to be much of a problem though.

The pigmentation is fantastic, there are no complaints from me about that. I didn’t need to use an eye shadow primer with the shadows but if I did I know they’d be even brighter. They wear really nicely and stay put throughout the day.

Overall I love this palette, I think it’s beautiful – as you can see from the photo it really stands out and I’m glad it caught my eye on the website.

I hope you enjoyed this mini review – it was fun for me to do & I look forward to doing some more in the future.

~ Lucy

My Top 5 Beauty Hacks – Make up Edition

I’m all about making life easier for myself, and as much as I love buying & trying new products, sometime’s it’s nice to use things you’ve already got and experiment with the ways you can use them.

I thought it would be nice to share with you my top 5 make-up hacks, a few tips & tricks I’ve picked up using things you probably have lying around the house already:

Use Baby Powder to “bake” concealer

A fab trick I’ve discovered that requires no more than simply Baby Powder and a sponge! Do you find that your concealer creases and wears off throughout the day? Try this trick. Grab a large amount of powder on a sponge and apply gently to the under-eye – leave to “bake” for 10 minutes then sweep away the excess product with a brush and your concealer will not budge ALL DAY. This is one of my favourite tricks right now – it leaves the under-eye area really soft and smooth, helps to brighten the area and locks it all down. No need for expensive translucent powders now!


Use Nivea Post-shave Balm as a face primer

Founded by youtuber NikkieTutorials – my second beauty hack will keep your make up on all day long. Tried and tested by yours truly, I have to admit – this traditional men’s medicine cabinet product actually makes a great face primer. It allows make up to go on really smoothly, and the glycerin in the ingredients sticks itself to the products you apply after using it and holds onto them all day. It also has great moisturising properties which is amazing news for us dry skin girls. I sometimes use this alone or with other primers I have, give it a go and let me know what you think!

Hairspray to fix down eyebrows

A classic beauty hack – but a friend of mine when I’ve run out of eyebrow gel, or heading on a spontaneous night out with friends. There are a number of ways to use this hack – my two favourite ways are to spray a small amount of hairspray on your finger and gently run it through the brows, or, if you have a bit more time and a few more tools, spray an old spoolie and comb through gently. Bye-bye bushy brows!

Learn to contour using tape

I’ve had a few questions from beautiful ladies recently asking me how they learn to contour. Don’t panic girls – there is a solution. Hudabeauty  came up with a great way of using tape to help you mark out the line for contouring and how to make it look sharp and chiselled. Place the tape from the top of the ear to the corner of your mouth – try not to take the colour past the outside corner of your eye – and gradually start to apply your contour shade of choice. Remove the tape and blend blend blend (using a clean fluffy brush) and voila! Beautifully chiselled cheekbones. If you don’t get it first time, just keep practising! You will get there 🙂

Hand sanitizer to spot clean brushes

A trick I’ve recently discovered for when you don’t have time to wash your brushes and wait for them to dry. Use a bit of hand sanitizer on a cotton pad or towel and gently swirl the brush in – it will quickly kill any bacteria on the brush and will remove most of the dirty product build-up. Not recommended for long-term use as you don’t want to dry your brushes out but I find it a great way to sanitize when you’re in a rush.


That concludes my post for today. I hope you enjoyed reading and that you were able to pick up some good tips. Stay tuned for a beauty hacks:skincare edition post coming up soon.

Until next time!

~ Lucy

BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Palette

I’ve been on the “YouTube scene” for a good 7 years now, and without it I would not be where I am today – being wholeheartedly inspired to pursue my interests by all of the amazing inspirations I subscribe to on a daily basis.

I’ve been subscribed to New Zealand Beauty Guru Shannon Harris since before I can remember and I’ve watched her grow over the years – from making clubbing make up videos in her bedroom to becoming the CEO of her own cosmetics company. I absolutely love Shannon and she is – and will always remain one of my favorite girls to watch. If you don’t know who she is then you need to check her out.

When I heard that she was collaborating with American cosmetic company BHcosmetics to create her own unique palette I was very excited, as I know Shannon does not scrimp on quality and knows her stuff when it comes to make-up.

The palette is double sided and comes with nine eye-shadows in one side and nine lipstick colors in the other side. IMG_20160515_190449

As you can see from the photo there is a range of mostly neutral shades. There is a nice burnt orange shade, a lovely brown/blue duo-chrome shade and a peach shade that is very similar to “Peach smoothie” by Make Up Geek. I’d have to say that these three shades are my favorite in the palette and a nice warm neutral eye can be created using them together. I also love the champagne color (first row, second column), it’s a great shade for putting all over the lid for a light wash of color or for adding in the inner corner of the eyes to highlight and make the eyes pop.

The pigmentation of the colors is a little varied but overall I am pleased with how the shadows perform. I have used them both with and without an eye-shadow primer and they suit me fine. I would have liked a matte, warm brown to blend into the crease but the peach shade can do this just fine. The first shade is a little chalky but is fine to lay down as a base for the other shadows, although doesn’t pack a great deal of punch as far as color pay-off is concerned, at least for me anyway.  Here is a detailed photo of the eye-shadow swatches…


As far as the lip colors go, of course I would prefer them to be in tubes but to have the range of colors altogether in one palette makes it very good for travelling. Again the shades are hit and miss as far as pigmentation goes, and you don’t get as much product in the pan as I’d like. I can tell that I will be using up the lesser pigmented shades quite quickly.

The formulation of the lipsticks are nice, quite glossy and creamy, best applied with a lip brush in order to get the precision on application. My favorite shades are the three more nude tones, plus there’s a really nice pink which is very bright and bold. The staying power of the colors is good when paired with a lip-liner, not using one would definitely require re-application throughout the day. But that’s OK as the palette comes with a mirror so taking it on the go is easy! (and you could use your fingers to apply, if you wanted to)


Overall I am impressed with the palette and I do find myself reaching for it most days. The packaging is beautiful and I love how compact it is. You can purchase the palette from the BHcosmetics website here for $14.50* (around £10, an absolute steal)

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have the palette already let me know what you think of it! Until next time…

~ Lucy

*(on sale as I write this post, originally $22.00)