Gel Polish ~ Fingers or Toes ~ £20

Quick file with general work around the cuticle

Fingers & Toes booked in the same appointment ~ £35

Gel polish Manicure ~ £26

Hand soak, detailed cuticle work, cut, file and Gel application complete with hand massage

Gel Polish Pedicure ~ £27

Hard skin removal, exfoliate, soak, detailed cuticle work, cut, file gel application and massage

Gel Polish is a soak off system with the care and well being of your nail in mind. It is designed to protect your nail, whilst allowing even weak, bitten or problem nails to grow. It lasts around 2 weeks although some clients will get longer depending on the nail type and you can enjoy the high shine finish throughout this time. Gel polish has a very fast drying time, thanks to an LED lamp, so you will never smudge a nail again. I have a choice of over 50 colours which is always expanding. Removal is included in the price when you re book with me or a removal on its own is available with a small fee.

Standard polish is also now available and is more suited to clients who might not be able to wear polish everyday but still want to look polished for a special occasion. Please contact me directly for these prices.

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Acrylic Extensions

Acrylic extensions are a great option for clients wanting extra length onto their nails. Other benefits to acrylic nails include:

  • Design versatility
  • Can create different shapes

Acrylics need to be infilled every 2-3 weeks in order to maintain there strength – it is important for clients to know that going too long between appointments can put a lot of stress onto the nails and cause them to break.

Please note acrylic nails should always be removed by a professional  in order to maintain the health of the natural nails. Please do not pull or rip them off under any circumstances!

Acrylic extensions ~ £25

Infill ~ £23

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