NEW: Superfood Face Masks from The Body Shop

So, to break my blog post rut that I’ve been in over the last few weeks, I thought I’d talk you through and review one of the new exciting releases from The Body Shop which is their new “superfood” face masks range. I plan to make this blog post as informative as I possibly can (so please bare with me as we have a lot to get through!)IMG_20160803_220133

It is known that women all over the world have been making their own face masks for hundreds of years using natural ingredients and there has definitely been a rise of this in the modern world recently with the help of YouTube tutorials and the introduction of Pinterest – which allows women (and men, of course) to research different recipes to apply to their face.

With these masks The Body Shop have taken five recipes from around the world and have made them into five super food masks to be readily available to address different skin concerns. Three of the range I have are pictured above, and the other two are “Chinese Ginseng” and “Ethiopian Honey”. I will briefly explain the purpose of these two masks and then I will head onto a more in-depth review of the ones I have tried and tested.

The Ethiopian Honey mask is to deeply nourish the skin, it contains Murula oil from Namibia and olive oil from italy, along with of course community trade honey from – you guessed it – Ethiopia. Honey helps to nourish the skin whilst the lightweight Murula oil helps to improve the skin’s elasticity – these two alongside the omega-9 enriched olive oil helps to combat dryness and revive your skin. This particular mask is 100% vegetarian and contains natural Community Trade ingredients – woohoo!

The Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing mask is quite creamy in texture and can be used to brighten a dull complexion as the ginseng helps revitalise the skin whilst the rice extract naturally brightens and moisturises. This mask also contains Community Trade sesame seed oil from Nicaragua which is rich in oleic and linoleic acid, helping to soften the skin. This mask is also 100% vegetarian.


Ok, so now I’m going to move onto talking about the masks that I own and have tried – with these three I can also give an in-depth explanation on the feel of them on the skin and also the results after application. So without further a-do lets begin with…

Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow MaskIMG_20160803_220236

The only way I can truly describe this masks is to say that if a clay mask and a mud mask had a baby and threw in a whole bunch of amazing ingredients – this mask would be the outcome! It contains bamboo charcoal from the Himalayan foothills which is known to draw out excess oils and impurities. It also contains organic tea tree oil sourced in Kenya which is well known across the skin care world for purifying the skin and improving oily, acne-prone skin. This is what gives the mask a very strong scent which personally I like, as it smells very natural & herbal. Inside the mask there are visible green tea leaves which spread across your skin, these are sourced in Japan and are rich in anti-oxidants which help nourish the skin as well aid exfoliation.

This mask is definitely not suitable for people who have extremely sensitive skin. The tea tree oil is very strong and even on my normal-ish skin it definitely has a strong tingly feeling. When it comes to skincare products I always go by the motto that tingling is good, burning is bad! So if you try this mask I would encourage you to bare that in mind! However if you love a good clay mask I would 100% say give this one a go! If you’re not local to me, find a consultant and ask for a sample. Guys and gals near to me, hit me up and I’ll sort you out with a little pot!

This mask dries hard on application and I normally leave it on for about 15 mins and steam my face to help remove it as it can be quite difficult to get off if I’m honest. However afterwards, hand on heart, my skin looks and feels amazing. It feels so soft and my pores and blackheads are nowhere to be seen. I use this once or twice a week – I wouldn’t recommend using it any more than that as I feel unless you are extremely oily that this could dry your skin out if overused.

Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance maskIMG_20160803_220325

I feel like to start with I must forewarn you that using this mask is quite frankly like applying raspberry jam to your face. In a good way, of course. This mask is right up my street as I’m all about using fruit acids to naturally exfoliate my skin, making it appear brighter and smoother and this mask ticks all those boxes for me. The masks contains Brazilian acai berries which are EXTREMELY rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins which naturally help fight the signs of skin fatigue. it also contains guarana seed extract which is also sourced in Brazil which is known for having a high caffeine content and energy boosting properties. Also helping to soften and sooth the skin is the Brazilian organic babussu oil. This mask is also 100% VEGAN (yippeeeeee).

I don’t tend to use this mask all over my face – since getting these masks I have got into the habit of “multimasking” (like what I did there?) where you apply different masks to different areas of your face depending on your skin concerns. I tend to apply this one in particular around my cheek areas as that is the area of my skin that tends to feel a little dull at times! I am always happy with the results and when paired with the Himalayan Charcoal mask around my T-Zone by the time I’m finished my skin is having it’s own little party.


British Rose Fresh Plumping maskIMG_20160803_220259

Out of the three masks I’ve tried I’d probably say that this one is the most disappointing. Perhaps disappointing is the wrong word – so you should read on – but I feel like this mask will be the most over-looked out of the five, but in all honesty this little guy is really lovely for just a quick perky pick-me-up. I don’t find I have to leave this one for as long as the others and it just feels very light and refreshing. The smells is also lovely and it just feels soft to touch, to apply and it leaves my skin feeling in the same way. This one doesn’t wow me. But nevertheless that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. This is why obtaining samples is so important!

The roses used in this mask are hand-picked here in Britain and help replenish the skin’s water reserves whilst gently exfoliating, which is how it helps to plump the skin. It also contains rosehip oil sourced in Chile, need I say more really? I could rave about rosehip until the cows come home because that stuff is simply amazeballs if I do say so. It helps with everything but in particular I find it useful to fade scaring, repair and give my skin an all over even texture. Also in this mask is aloe vera all the way from Mexico which is very well known for it’s calming and soothing properties. I’d say this mask would be a winner for dry, sensitive skin. This too is 100% vegan and again I’d recommend getting a sample.

So that concludes my review. I really enjoyed doing this one as skincare is right up my alley. One of my favourite things about The Body Shop is that by using their products I know what ingredients I’m putting on my face and where the ingredients are sourced from. I also love that the ingredients are mostly Community Trade which means it helps the local people in that area to be more sustainable. What could be better than that?


Hope you enjoy reading this post. Again let me know if you’d like a sample. I don’t believe these masks are available in stores until late August but you can buy them from your local consultant (wink wink, me) now. 🙂

Until next time


~ Lucy